Pretties|Shopping Flow
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Free Delivery Above HK$400! (Residential/ Business address only)

Shopping Flow

Step 1: Register as a member.
Step 2: Select the number of product and add to the cart. Click "Reorganize" if there is any changes.
Step 3: Fill in the address and select shipping and payment method.
Step 4: An email will be sent for confirming the order after payment.
Step 5: Products will be shipped after 2 to 4 working days.
Step 6: Customer will receive the products after 2 to 3 days.

1. Please login or register as a member.

2. Click on "Add to Cart"
After selecting the products, put the products in the shopping cart and click to checkout.

3. Select recipient information
Please select your billing address and shipping address For shipping address, it is recommended to select the SF Station or SF Express Locker.
The residential address will be defaulted to be cash on delivery.
※If the address is different from the information you filled in when registering, please tick another address to re-enter.

4. Choose the shipping method
Delivery address is only ship to Hong Kong business district / SF station / SF Express Locker
※Free shipping for orders over HK$400 (Based on the amount after the discount).

5. Choose a payment method
Please select the payment method from the available choices.

-Choose credit card payment
Click on "Stripe" and enter your credit card details in the "Card" location from the payment details.

-Select Payme / Alipay HK Payment
Go to Shopping Guide > Payment Method, scan the QR Code of Pretties HK for payment (Please complete the payment within 1 working day, otherwise the order will be cancelled). Please take a screenshot of your order number and payment after completing and whatsapp to mobile number +852 6720-0958. We will confirm your payment within 1 to 2 business days.

6. Coupon / Cash Coupon If you have any coupon code or cash coupon, please enter the "coupon / cash coupon" at the top and apply.

7. Rearrange
If there are any changes before payment, please click "Reorganize" next to the quantity.

8. Other notes
If you have any special requirements, please enter in "Other Notes"

9. 9. Check "I have read and agree to the contents of the delivery instructions"

10. Click on "Confirm Order"
After confirming the payment amount and the content, click "Confirm Order"

11. Confirm order completion
After confirming the order, an order confirmation notice will be sent to the email address regarding to the registering information. Please check and confirm the content from the email.